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2017 PEI Issue 9

Key things to consider before selecting a generator

There are five important factors to consider when choosing a diesel generator to rent or buy. Sergio Salvador examines each of them in detail

Solar shines bright

Boosted by a strong solar PV market, renewables accounted for almost two-thirds of net new power capacity around the world last year, with almost 165 GW coming online, according to a new report, writes Kelvin Ross

Asia power in focus

The hot topics debated at Asia Power Week included digitalization, cybersecurity and the roll-out of more renewables, writes Kelvin Ross

Why fuel flexible CFBs are the future

Only circulating fluidized bed combustion technology satisfies all of the often contradictory design requirements of modern solid fuel plants, writes Robert Giglio

Rare radial steam turbine rejuvenated

Precision reverse engineering resolves vibration issues

Blockchain token for renewables sharing

Two recent initiatives demonstrate how blockchain is gaining traction in the energy sector, writes Kelvin Ross

How digitisation is transforming 3D data mapping

Technology company Assystem is taking innovations such as data mapping that it has used for aerospace solutions and cross-fertilizing them into the energy sector, writes Mike Sheehan

How battery storage can bring agile grid operation

Kurt Baes, Florence Carlot and Adnan Merhaba explore the opportunities for applying battery technologies to grid management, as well as the drivers and barriers to greater battery-storage use in major markets

Opacity monitoring for measuring emissions

Derek Stuart looks at the issue of measuring stack dust emission levels through effective opacity monitoring