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2017 PEI Issue 8

The silver lining in the Cloud for utilities

Guerry Waters, vice-president of Industry Strategy at Oracle, explains to Diarmaid Williams why utilities have been 'late to the game' in terms of the Cloud and highlights where they go from here

Valve challenge in coal to biomass conversion

Weir Engineering Services successfully restored 11 butterfly valves which had been in continual use since 1972 as part of a biomass conversion project in the UK

Nuclear power plant focus: Why equipment qualification matters

Equipment qualification and materials qualification are essential activities for the nuclear industry to demonstrate that new and existing plant equipment will operate safely in all conditions and also shut down safely in fault conditions, writes Sean Weller

Nuclear focus: Rosatom and closing the fuel cycle

There has been intense debate over the reprocessing and recycling of uranium and plutonium over the last few decades. Russia's Rosatom has extensive experience in this area and is involved in all elements of the nuclear fuel cycle, and sees it as the best path forward to making nuclear energy sustainable over the long term. David Flin reports on Rosatom's activities

Project Update

Turboden to supply onsite ORC plant in Turkey Turboden, which specializes in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbogenerators for distributed power generation from renewable sources and waste heat, has won an order in Turkey. The deal is...

Intelligent integration for disaster management

Many utilities find themselves under-prepared for disasters due to constraints within their core IT systems. However, there are techniques and tools they can use to improve their management of disasters, writes Tarun Bhandari

Fleet management and the IIoT

One of the most significant trends that could revolutionize fleet management in the power industry is the Industrial Internet of Things. Jonas Berge explains why

Embracing the Cloud to enable smarter decision making

Providing anytime, anywhere access to data can help improve productivity and drive operational efficiencies. Despite this, there remains a reluctance to embrace cloud technology such as Software as a Service. Andy Graham looks at how the Cloud can be used to deliver 'always on' access to data to enable improved scalability, security and mobility

Building a smart grid: Digital chickens and cyber-secure eggs

A truly digital grid is in reach - but we need the right security. If we have good proactive, pre-emptive measures in place, we can start building smarter grids and break the impasse, write Robert Lagerström and Arshad Saleem

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