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2017 PEI Issue 7

Asia is ‘best region for gas turbine business’

Asia offers the best business opportunities for the globally-declining gas turbine market, according to a new report. By Kelvin Ross

The impact of lubrication on TCO

Lubricants can help increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership for turbines, transformers and stationary engines, writes Marcelo Goldberg

Six challenges of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

There are multiple challenges facing consultants in upgrading Environmental and Social Impact Assessments to international standards, writes Mark Wilson

Mapping coal plant emissions

Mapping software can be used to bridge the gap between the science needed to understand air pollution and the engineering required to mitigate it, writes Arne Berndt.

Pump design: the rise of the virtual prototype

Traditional pump design methods have relied on testing physical prototypes. However, creating a digital prototype and using computational fluid dynamics can enable rapid investigation of multiple designs over a range of conditions, writes Elspeth Mosedale

How utilities can use data to manage customer debt

Utilities must strike a balance between absorbing customer arrears and chasing down payments and they are increasingly using data analytics to help, writes Rohit Gupta

Advancing gas generation in Asia

Asia's power generators are seeking more capacity at greater efficiency and with lower emissions. Tildy Bayar spoke with one company that's seizing the opportunity

Securing Europe’s power grid

While cybersecurity is a growing concern for Europe's power sector, regulations, standards and training have not kept up with the fast-moving evolution of today's threats. A new collaboration between the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) and transmission system operators' network ENTSO-E aims to address the issue.

Understanding risk: cybersecurity for the modern grid

Mitigating risk and anticipating attack vulnerabilities on utility grids and systems is not just about installing technology, writes Didier Giarratano