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2017 PEI Issue 6

Asia tops renewables investment ranking

An influential poll has named China and India as the best destinations for clean energy investment. Kelvin Ross examines the results and also hears how the integration of battery storage is the next big challenge for the energy industry

A hybrid power and heat installation with a twist

Aora Solar's 'Tulip' concentrating solar power system is a hybrid power and heat installation - with a twist that its developers say gives it an advantage for off-grid locations, writes Tildy Bayar

Making light work of heavy rotors

Billy Bottera explains the processes and state-of-the-art equipment involved in repairing large modern gas turbine rotors

Polymeric solutions for renewables

Capturing renewable energy involves exposure to the elements, some of which can wreak havoc on machinery, particularly wind turbines. Polymeric materials have been able to solve these maintenance problems from the base of the turbine to the tip of the blades, writes Thomas Belli

Can blockchain save the energy sector?

A new consortium aims to speed up the development of blockchain technology for use in energy applications. Tildy Bayar examines the risks and benefits

Africa’s ‘energy tetralemma’

Due to its energy 'tetralemma', Africa is at the forefront of creating a unique hybrid energy supply system, write Noor Kapdi and Daniél Hofmeyr

Dry sorbent injection for SOx emissions control

As many in the international community begin to make decisions on technologies that will meet the latest regulatory requirements, dry sorbent injection is a viable option to be considered for SOx emissions control, argues Connor Cox

The rise of inlet fogging and wet compression

In a market where gas turbine plants are increasingly being required to take a load following role for renewables, fogging and wet compression can play a vital role if they are properly controlled, writes Thomas Mee III

Solutions to cooling tower gearbox pain points

Plant operators and maintenance engineers must effectively manage a variety of cooling tower service issues, whether scheduled or unplanned. Jerome Jennings explains the role of gearboxes in addressing these issues

Q&A: The evolving role of the turbine

GE's Gas Power Systems and Steam Power Systems talk about trends in gas and steam turbines and how they are seeing technologies and markets develop