2017 PEI Issue 5

The grand bargain: making flexibility feasible

The future of European energy depends on flexibility. Simon Hobday says this calls for a regulatory rethink based upon a grand bargain between all players

Data: An Achilles’ heel in the grid?

What would happen if artificial intelligence systems controlling electricity distribution made decisions based on manipulated data? For that matter, what if humans did the same? Michael Shalyt considers the implications

Decarbonization is in the hands of digitization

The digitalization of the energy sector will provide the only sure-fire route to decarbonization, according to a leading economist and energy academic. Kelvin Ross hears him explain why

Environmental and economic success in the energy transition

Jantine Zwinkels outlines the opportunities and challenges that Europe's energy transition brings for those operating and investing in the renewables industry

Europe gripped by digital energy insomnia

Digitization is the biggest issue that's keeping European energy leaders awake at night, writes Dr Christoph Frei of the World Energy Council

Dare to be digital

Shopping, banking, transportation - consumers are using online solutions to manage almost every aspect of their lives. William Howard explains why the power sector must be sure to keep up

Meeting ever-tighter emissions regulations

Numerous factors must be considered when selecting control technologies as well as the interactions between them, writes Jon Norman

Key enablers for renewable integration

The renewables sector relies on modular power to facilitate integration and safeguard investment, and protecting the long-term integrity of renewables infrastructure is vital if the industry is to succeed, says Marcus Saul

Drones step up to renewables challenge

Unmanned aerial vehicle technology is constantly evolving to meet new challenges and provide new customized solutions for wind farm operators, writes Shelley Regan

More power, less wear & tear

How new control methods can optimize wind farm performance

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