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2017 PEI Issue 4

Turbine oils: Unlocking efficient, reliable power

Understanding how lubricants contribute to total cost of ownership is the primary step to realising potential savings.

Steam turbines: Big prospects for small units

Growing demand for distributed energy systems supplying heat and power is placing a premium on flexibility of design from manufacturers servicing an incredibly diverse market from mechanical drives, process heat and steam, and power generation.

Gas turbine initiative boosts Iran’s power capacity

A new gas turbine initiative has given a significant boost to Iran's power capacityâ€Â¦ and at minimal cost, writes

How to choose the right filtration system for a gas turbine

Fitting the correct filter to a gas turbine can save money in terms of availability, reliability, power output efficiency and heat rate loss. But how do operators evaluate and select a filtration system that will deliver what they need in terms of performance and budget?

Getting the most out of aeroderivative turbines

Exploring maintenance trends and needs for LM series industrial gas turbines when used in peak and base load operations. By Gregor Stàƒ¶cker Aeroderivative gas turbines are a popular choice for energy generation thanks to their...

Steam turbine manufacture

A new turning and milling centre for steam turbine rotors is said to be able to halve the manufacturing time.

Taking the heat: steam turbines and solar

The largest solar-thermal plant in the world is utilizing special-purpose steam turbines,