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2017 PEI Issue 2

Waste gas fix at South Africa flagship plants

Aging infrastructure and lack of new constructions have led to a steady reduction in reserve capacity in the South African electrical power grid, which has led to forced shutdowns of mining operations and unexpected power outages.

Valves & actuators: risks and opportunities

As more renewable power sources continue to be added to the world's grids, the increasing need for flexibility in fossil-fuelled power plants is creating more demands on operational processes and greater stress on critical components.

Renewables and gas reset the carbon clock

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week was the first global gathering dedicated to sustainability since the COP22 climate change conference in Morocco last November.

Maximizing cooling technology

Recent developments in factory-assembled cooling tower technology can increase cooling capacity per cell by up to 50 per cent, expanding the applications for so-called 'package' towers supporting heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and industrial processes.

Biomass: Taking a new fuel to market

Global demand for biomass pellets is expected to nearly double in the next seven years, from 29 million tonnes in 2015 to 53 million tonnes in 2023. Almost 60 per cent of this demand is expected to come from industry in the EU and Asia, with European countries (topped by Germany, Sweden and Latvia) consuming around 74 per cent of the world's pellets according to biomass trade group Aebiom.

Combating the threat of mercury

Mercury has been elevated to the status of a pollutant of global concern owing to some of its unique toxic properties which pose environmental and health risks.

Solutions for coal plant wastewater treatment

Flue gas desulphurization (FGD) wastewaters are produced at coal-fired power plants in increasing quantities as the regulation on air emissions is tightened worldwide.

Interview: Kristian Ruby, Eurelectric

In January, Kristian Ruby succeeded Hans ten Berge as secretary-general of European electric industry trade body Eurelectric.

Project Update

Launch of $24m European smart grid project A €23m smart grid project involving 20 industry partners including five European distribution companies has launched in France. The Interflex project is coordinated by RWTH Aachen University in Germany...

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