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2017 PEI Issue 10

ENGIE in the fast lane of the energy transition

ENGIE epitomizes the modern utility. It is re-inventing itself and steering a course into the global clean energy future. Executive Vice-President Shankar Krishnamoorty tells Diarmaid Williams how the company's innovation strategy is helping it to adapt

Will Trump derail decarbonization?

Is the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement going to stall the global gold rush of renewables activity? No, argue Fergus Smith, Amanda Rologas Tsangalis and Josh Dellios

Building and managing the pipeline

Industry knows that more women are needed in engineering. Mary Zappone suggests ways we can encourage women to choose engineering at school and then pursue a rewarding career in the field

Leading the charge on battery storage

Europe is trailing China and the US when it comes to the development of battery storage, but Brussels is keen to close the gap, writes Diarmaid Williams

Digitalization: a mainstream reality

The journey to the empowered consumer begins with the digitalization of central generation and the grid, says Ganesh Bell

How storage enabled huge wind integration

A 2.3 MW battery energy storage system is enabling a utility to accommodate wind energy penetration of 85 per cent. Michael Lippert explains how

Digitalization is blurring the lines between supply and demand

The International Energy Agency has unveiled its first in-depth study into digitalization in the energy sector. Kelvin Ross examines its findings

Unlocking value from the data explosion

A tsunami of digital data has taken the power and utility industry by storm and there is no sign of this growth slowing down, writes Kelvin Ross

Digitizing energy: how data can drive sustainability

The role of data in the drive for sustainability and decarbonisation was highlighted at a conference in London, writes Kelvin Ross

The anatomy of ICS cybersecurity

Timely implementation of security in power plant industrial control systems at the construction stage is vital, writes Jonni Talsi