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2016 PEI Issue 9

SMRs: Small scale, big opportunity

When I gave an interview last year to PEi, it was unlikely that many people outside of the UK's nuclear industry had heard of small modular reactors (SMRs).

Power plant valves: Cast versus forged production

The cast versus forged debate has been around for years in the valve manufacturing industry.

Improving cooling effectiveness of gas turbines through design exploration

Finding ways to increase temperatures at the combustor exit and high-pressure turbine stage inlet is key to boosting the efficiency of gas turbines.

Project and Technology Update

AMETEK Land launches near infrared borescope UK-based temperature measurement specialist AMETEK Land has released a new Near Infrared Borescope (NIR-B) 3XR for industrial gas applications. AMETEK says the NIR-B 3XR "delivers continuous reformer tube wall temperature...

“Thomas Edison wouldn’t recognize the industry we operate in today”

The digitalization of the energy sector is a topic dominating the talk and trends in the industry and it was high on the agenda of speakers at Asia Power Week in Seoul last month.

Converting to dual fuel: a rewarding challenge

Many established power generation systems have used coal-fired stations to generate the baseload of energy that is required, while oil- and gas-fired units are held in reserve to meet peak demand for a few hours each day.

Assessing true O&M costs to avoid nasty surprises

Until recently in the wind industry, the aim of many players when affecting the choice of technology seems to be based on making the wind turbine as cheaply as possible.

A reactor worth its salt?

Small modular nuclear reactors, or SMRs, are a hot topic these days, with multiple companies working on designs and a number of countries, from China to the UK to Iran, considering how SMRs might be used in a low-carbon energy mix. 

Battery storage on existing renewable sites

In August the UK's National Grid announced which companies had been successful in its first tender for Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) - a service that achieves 100 per cent active power output at one second (or less) of registering a frequency deviation.

Evolving in the energy-internet era

Today's ultra-fast-paced digital world is seeing disruptive innovation transform traditional industries.