2016 PEI Issue 8

Online state estimation in modern grids

The liberalization and opening of markets has, in the past two decades, seen power systems undergo numerous structural changes, many driven by environmental and economic factors.

Why utilities should build an energy superhighway

Depending upon who you ask, the electric utility industry is headed into an accelerating death spiral, soon to be marginalized by burgeoning distributed generation - or it will look almost exactly as it does today, even a decade from now.

Advanced level technology improves plant heat rate

Heat rate is a measure of plant efficiency and is calculated by measuring the combined performance of all auxiliaries, specifically the measure of energy (fuel) put into a system, divided by the electricity generated.

The virtual power plant: Where virtual meets reality

Supplies of fossil fuels are running out. 

Transporting large scale power equipment

Much is written about the operation and maintenance of power equipment in these pages, but an aspect that is rarely mentioned is how these large pieces of kit reach their ultimate destination.

Controlling combustion in gas turbines

The use of natural gas for electricity generation continues to grow, as a result of historically low prices, a boom in production, and lower CO2 emission levels compared to coal-fired power plants.

Russian sanctions and the power sector

Russia's power industry was formed a long time ago, and it is obvious that many energy infrastructure facilities are obsolete and require modernization.

Project & Technology Update

Project Update Work starts on 385 MW Arkona Baltic Sea wind farm Construction has...

Industry Highlights

The next big thing in the power sector is undoubtedly energy storage - however there is also no doubt that it is a 'next' big thing rather that the 'now' big thing.

PEI Volume 24 Issue 8

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