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2016 PEI Issue 7

Project & Technology Update

Putting power for the Games on the fast track There may be a full four years between every Olympic Games, but deploying Olympic Games-scale power distribution, backup power and protection systems typically comes down to...

Rising to the secure power challenge

Power plants not only generate electricity - they also need to consume it to function safely.

Creating a 21st century valve

In the power industry, downtime can be the difference between profit and loss.

Extending service life for rotating equipment

Long-term reliability is a common goal for all plant operators.

Security management for power installations

These are exciting times for industrial operations.

A new biomass chapter in a coal plant’s life

Switching from coal to renewable woody biomass is a low cost way for old coal-fired power stations to meet new environmental legislation with a low carbon solution, whilst extending the life of these valuable assets by 10 or more years.

Why a smart energy policy can include coal

While energy policymakers and power industry leaders have differing views on how to move toward a clean, reliable and affordable power delivery system, they all agree on one thing: that a portfolio of fuel and technology options is the best strategy to meet our future energy needs while enduring the continued uncertainty inherent in the energy sector.

A flue gas first for South Korea

Two years ago, South Korean electricity company Gunjang Energy decided to install a new unit, called Seagull, at its existing power plant at Gunsan city.

Maintaining engineering expertise in hydro plants

In recent years, the importance of asset monitoring systems for power utilities has increased significantly due to the pressing challenges of an aging workforce and, with the advent of the Internet of Things megatrend, an exponential growth of devices connected to the grid.

Storage systems for utility-scale solar and wind

In some countries where peak demand occurs during the night, an energy storage system can be used to store energy generation from solar PV plants during the day and inject stored energy to the distribution system at night.