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2016 PEI Issue 6

Fast power to beat the drought

Parts of Zimbabwe are suffering power shortages following one of the worst droughts in recent years that has significantly restricted the country's hydropower capabilities.

‘Gas essential to closing the energy gap’

With a target to close all coal plants by 2025 and new European emissions legislation looming, the UK must look to gas as the backbone of its energy mix, writes Andrew Speers An 880 MW...

The future of utilities is now

With apologies to William Gibson, the North American science fiction writer, the future has already arrived for utility companies.

Smart technology for boiler water level monitoring

Maintaining accurate and reliable indication of the water level on power boilers is critical to plant operators and owners.

Power project financing: The way forward for IPPs

The The track record of sub-Saharan Africa's power sector is dismal. Two out of three households in sub-Saharan Africa, close to 600 million people, have no electricity connection.

Saving water in power plants

The steam or Rankine cycles are intrinsically connected to our vital resource, water.

Strength in numbers: Mobile power plants gain ground

In a growing number of industrial, construction and mining applications with temporary power needs, large stand-alone generators are being replaced with groups of smaller generators that are programmed to work in parallel with each other.

The future of fast-track power

An urgent need for power around the world is seeing more and more power facilities running on fast-track, flexible diesel- and gas-fired gensets.

Project and Technology Update

Africa Project Update Angola turns to GE's 'power plants on wheels' to tackle power crisis GE is to provide six of its trailer-mounted TM2500+ mobile aeroderivative gas turbine packages to Angola. With more than half of Angola's...