2016 PEI Issue 5

Ensuring mission critical telemetry

Utility companies around the world are facing more demands than ever.

Why a perfect storm awaits UK power

The recently confirmed closure of all large UK coal-fired plants by 2025, along with the planned closure of older and less efficient gas-fired plants, means Britain should be investing in large-scale replacement capital power.

Rising to the challenge

Power equipment maintenance and repair are ongoing concerns for plant operators, and aspects of their business that they need to get right to enable smooth operation and avoid costly downtime.

Understanding European piping regulations

Since their introduction nearly 100 years ago, mechanical grooved piping systems have provided a wide range of performance benefits for system designers, installers and end users in the power sector.

Will Brexit bust UK energy?

There has been one topic dominating British politics this year - the referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union.

Power to the people with distributed generation

There is a revolution underway.

POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index: Your Industry, Your Voice

POWER-GEN Europe in June is an unrivalled gathering of the major players in the European power sector.

POWER-GEN Europe: Sunrise on Europe’s electric future

The Summer Solstice seems as good a time as any to be in the city of Milan and to be thinking about energy.

Q&A: Energy security in the spotlight

Europe's energy transition has placed the sector under strain. 

Solar in Siberia

On the eve of Russia's Energy Industry Workers' Day in December 2015, the country's largest privately-held power company launched Siberia's biggest solar photovoltaic (PV) plant in Abakan, capital city of the Republic of Khakassia.

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