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2016 PEI Issue 10

The evolution of automation

Power plant automation is in the midst of converging with the trends of big data and the Internet of Things.

Empowering operators for efficient operations

Maximizing power plant performance and reliability is every plant owner's aspiration.

Reducing the risk of unplanned outages

The reliability of power transmission and distribution is key to everyday life and is taken for granted in many developed regions.

Tracking transformer downtime: the rise of online monitoring

Power transformers are integral to the successful operation of modern power grids.

Predictive beyond preventive

The ever-changing competitive environment in today's industrial markets is forcing owners and operators to maintain their assets in satisfactory operating condition.

Europe’s power trends, forecasts and hotspots

A new survey of more than 800 power industry professionals provides a fascinating barometer of the European energy market.

Europe’s EV infrastructure checklist

Electro-mobility is an essential part of the solution to Europe's transport and energy challenges including the objectives of reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions.

A biomass blueprint

Biomass is a difficult fuel. 

Detecting the spark: Avoiding combustion

Biomass is used increasingly as a fuel for power generation, because it is both a sustainable fuel source and considered as relatively carbon neutral over the near term.