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2014 PEI Issue 8

Taking the heat: advances in steam generator design

Boiler designers are coming up with a new generation of flexible steam generators that are finally setting free the innate flexibility of the gas turbine.

Keeping monitoring in the pipeline

As modern thermal power plants push for ever-greater efficiency, the need for lifetime monitoring of piping systems is more vital than ever.

Diving into environmental challenges

The hydropower sector is responding to challenges created by concerns over climate change, water availability and other environmental issues.

Iraq’s electricity: from crisis to ISIS

Just as it was beginning to recover its optimism after years of war, Iraq's energy sector has been derailed by the advance of ISIS across the country.

Offshore wind’s new battleground

If offshore wind is to maintain its pace of growth and compete without subsidy, then the cost of electricity generated from future projects must come down.

Planning makes perfect

Some key techno-economic aspects are often overlooked when trying to decide on the right technology for a new gas plant, yet they play a key role in the lifecycle analysis.

Pushing the efficiency envelope

With modern gas turbines expensive to run and maintain, we explore how operators rise to the challenge of getting the best out of their machines.

Paving the way for progress

We outline the status of several key power projects that are helping to shape a new energy mix in the Middle East.

Industry Highlights

Another month brings yet another report warning that policy uncertainty risks stalling investment in a particular power generation sector.

PEI Volume 22 Issue 8