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2014 PEI Issue 7

Technology Update

Old Trafford, the UK home of Manchester United football team, was the venue for General Electric Power and Water's FlexEfficiency Forum, aimed at getting the most out of gas turbine technology, writes Diarmaid Williams.

Project Update

A landfill gas-fueled power plant believed to be the most powerful in France has been inaugurated in Plessis-Gassot.

A closing window of opportunity

As the UK reforms its electricity market, it must also recognize and close its storage gap.

ADR is key to solving Europe’s energy challenges

ADR offers utilities a low-carbon method of stabilizing the grid and accommodating peaks in demand quickly, effectively and cheaply.

Staying ahead of the stresses

Early detection can mitigate the effects of medium and peak load operation on power plant core components.

Navigating risky waters

How renewables investors moving into new and emerging markets can deal with additional market-specific risk.

High flexibility at low load

Detailed analysis is the basis for success in optimizing existing boilers and further reducing stable minimum load.

Walking the torque

Howard Barnes of MAN Diesel & Turbo tells Kelvin Ross why he believes the power sector is on the verge of a gas engine boom.

Fuel cell power scales up

A look at the world's biggest fuel cell energy park in South Korea and the company behind it, US-based FuelCell Energy.

A New Dawn for Japan’s Power Sector

Since the 2011 earthquake that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear complex, Japan's energy industry has been in crisis. We explore how the sector is responding to the challenges.