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2014 PEI Issue 6

Technology Update

Trials of an LM80 laser range sensor from ABB have proved so successful that Aberthaw power station in the UK is poised to install a further three units.

Project Update

Scottish company Heliex Power signed two key strategic partnerships at POWER-GEN Europe in Cologne this month.

Run hotter but take care

Boosting coal plants' temperature and pressure is a must, but vital operational issues must be considered.

Sunny Side Up

Despite several obstacles the solar industry faces on its way to grid parity, the sector's prospects are sunny.

Using skills to switch on low- carbon potential

Innovative UK programmes are designed to boost education, retraining and apprenticeships.

The process of reducing risk

A focus on interface and risk management can increase investor confidence and reduce installation costs.

Keeping it tight Sealing nuclear’s future

New seal designs and higher seal compressions can address sealing tasks in demanding nuclear environments.

A clean bill of health for HRSGs

CO<sub>2</sub> pellet blasting is a cost-efficient and environmentally benign cleaning approach for HRSG owners and operators.

European policy under the microscope

Three years of Energiewende, three days in Cologne: insights into Europe's future energy market from this year's event.

Pumps poised to shift up a gear to meet efficiency demands

New developments are underway for this critical yet under- performing power plant component.