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2014 PEI Issue 5

Technology Update

UK-based switchgear manufacturer Lucy Switchgear has announced the launch of its next-generation Aegis Ring Main Unit range.

Project Update

Greek EPC company METKA has completed all work on the 800 MW Denizli combined cycle power plant in Turkey.

Call the data doctor

System reliability is vital in the power industry and effective asset maintenance and management is as much an information challenge as it is an operational one.

Maintaining equilibrium in the European power grid

Why integration of Europe's energy systems is the only way forward if grid stability is to be sustained.

How long is too long?

It is only through a full recognition of the way that various factors interact that the engineering lives of gas turbine components can be assessed.

Generation Flex

Designing the control system of the future with modern architectural concepts will improve the operational and financial performance of utilities.

A bird’s-eye view of asset inspection

Employing remote inspection technology can add a further dimension to asset management for power companies.

Advances in boiler monitoring

The latest boiler drum level technologies can help provide accurate and reliable drum level measurements even in high pressure saturated steam applications.

Interview: Matthias Hartung, RWE Generation

The chief executive of RWE Generation and RWE Power talks about the Energiewende, the outlook for coal and renewables and his own future strategies for RWE.

Transforming Germany’s energy landscape-Coal and the Energiewende

An increase in coal plants has been an unintended consequence of the Energiewende, but what is the long- term future for the country's coal plant operators?