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2014 PEI Issue 3

Technology Update

A robot designed to perform maintenance and repair tasks at disaster or accident-hit power stations is being used at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Project Update

Parker Hannifin technology was at the heart of managing power fluctuations and helping to prevent outages throughout the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

Rewriting Plan A

The global power utility market is currently undergoing an increase in capital expenditures.

Sending out the right signals

Safety is of paramount importance in the power generation industry.

Sealing the deal

seals. In almost every pump there exists a mechanical seal which separates the pumped fluid from the atmosphere while allowing efficient operation of the rotating shaft which drives the pump impeller.

Tunnel visioned on success

India's nuclear strategy is ambitious and long-term, yet it remains to be seen whether its decades-long commitment to a closed-cycle nuclear programme can produce the vast quantities of secure, safe and relatively cheap nuclear power originally envisaged.

Special Country Report: The Philippines addressing the power surge

Racing past massive steel buildings, gleaming malls and boutique cafes, downtown Manila today is more reminiscent of Singapore or Hong Kong than of the white sandy beaches and sparkling crystal waters of other parts of the Philippines.

Lowdown on overhead line innovations

Utilities worldwide are under ever-increasing pressure to deliver more electrical power to support economic growth, especially in large urban areas.

Ruling the waves or waiving the rules?

As the wind industry expands, players in the sector are looking to build new projects miles offshore, where the challenges multiply.


When Mexico approved a sweeping energy reform last December, global experts applauded the move, calling it 'transformative' for a country that had kept its huge power industry shuttered to foreign investors for eight decades.