2014 PEI Issue 2

Resource rich and plentiful in opportunities

The countries of southern Africa have much in common.

Technology Update

Cummins Power Generation has launched a new lean-burn gas generator set product line.

Project Update

Andritz has won a $102m contract from Shardarinskaya to upgrade electro-mechanical equipment at the Shardarinskaya hydropower plant in Kazakhstan.

Air preheater leaks: Mind the gap

The design of radial, axial and circumferential seals installed on rotary, regenerative air preheaters (APHs) have not evolved significantly from the original metal strip arrangements that date back to the inception of the Ljungström preheaters nearly a century ago.

The shape of things to come

Sun, a bit of sea and an awful lot of sand - no, not my annual holiday, but a working trip to Abu Dhabi for the World Future Energy Summit (WFES).

Bearing up to turbine testing

The push to boost the energy output of wind turbines is leading the industry towards taller structures with longer blades.

Green funding for blue sky thinking

This year the European Commission (EC) has ring-fenced €359 million ($485 million) for research projects that promote low-carbon energy technologies - the largest sum of money made available by the EU's research programmes, previously called 'Framework Programmes'.

Exploring the start of the art

The ability to control a power plant, be it natural gas-fired, combined-cycle, coal-fired boiler, solar thermal array, or even a wind turbine will depend on the reliable functioning of valves and the actuators used to operate those valves.

The balancing act of electricity storage?

The global energy market is shifting at an unprecedented rate and this change is being driven by renewable generation in the form of wind and solar photovoltaic.

Debate over national renewable targets divides EC and MEPs

To target or not to target - that has been the question debated and voted on by the European Union (EU) in recent weeks over the increasingly thorny issue of climate change and renewable energy targets.

Latest Feature