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2014 PEI Issue 11

The changing role of fast-track power plants

Many of the traditional notions of fast-track power are being turned on their heads by the demands of power-hungry nations and developed countries needing greater flexibility.

New take on wavepower could bring tidal energy to China

A new take on wave energy called Dynamic Tidal Power is currently being assessed for a facility off the east coast of China that would produce power equivalent to six large coal or gas plants.

Still a risky proposition

As the first steps are taken toward large-scale energy storage, complex technology and market considerations emerge.

The point about Hinkley

As the EC approves plans for Hinkley Point C, PEi looks at what the decision means for the UK and the global nuclear market.

Lubrication challenges for the biogas industry

The role of lubricants in optimizing gas engines is vital as the biogas industry grows in importance.

“The power supply of the future”

PEi reviews the progress of the world's first grid-integrated superconducting power cable, which has been connected to Germany's grid for six months.

A holistic approach to rethinking energy

With renewables now part of the mainstream, new approaches are needed to electricity systems' planning, market design, policy frameworks and funding to take the energy transformation to the next level.

Industry Highlights

The radical change in the European energy market and its effect on the sector's major players was highlighted this month by the news from German power giant E.ON that it is to spin off its fossil fuel and nuclear businesses and concentrate on renewables.