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2014 PEI Issue 10

Big data unlocks better efficiency

How real-time analysis and simulation software is bringing operational benefits for combined-cycle plants.

Desuperheaters rise to new challenges

How a new generation of desuperheaters is addressing today's 50- and 60-Hz combined-cycle power generation.

A new approach

Meeting the challenges of decommissioning multiple nuclear sites with a programmized approach.

A new solution for grid flexibility

Dynamic line rating technology can increase the capacity of overhead transmission lines while reducing congestion.

Proven procedure offers a new alternative

Technology advances now allow vacuum circuit-breakers to be used in generator switching applications.

A fresh perception of ESP Retrofitting

Retrofitting electrostatic precipitators with a high-frequency switch mode power supply can reduce particulate emissions and improve performance.

Hot Topic

The challenges and solutions involved in fire detection for power plant operators.

Strengthening safety in mills and silos

Equipment selection and operating criteria are vital for reducing fire risk in coal storage facilities.

An engineer’s guide to selecting a drive

How to find the optimal motor for an application while avoiding design errors and saving money.

Driving a low-carbon path for North American power

A look at North America's new generation of low-carbon power generation technologies.