The University of Oregon in the US is planning to improve its power delivery by adding a cogeneration system to its outdated steam plant and electrical distribution systems. As part of the renovation of its central power plant.

Once the project is complete, the plant will be capable of generating enough power to meet approximately three quarters of the campus demand, as well as allow research lab buildings to continue operating during extended utility power outages.

In addition to the CHP system, the university is also installing a boiler, a steam turbine generator, combustion air units, a reverse osmosis system, make-up water tanks, air handling units and electrical distribution gear, including a unit substation.

This project will perform to high levels of sustainability and energy efficiency, and is being built to standards equivalent to LEED Silver.

Heery International will provide commissioning and operator training services as part of the US$100 million renovation project.

Due to the university’s constant demand for power, Heery says it will work closely with the project team to keep the plant and campus electrical distribution fully functional throughout the project.

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