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UK’s Northern Powergrid signs EV innovation pact with Nissan

UK electricity distribution company Northern Powergrid has signed “a ground-breaking industry partnership” with electric vehicle manufacturer Nissan.à‚ 

The two organisations will work together over the next six years on examining how electric vehicles, batteries and other technologies can support energy networks.

They will also explore how new technologies can enhance the capacity, capability and resilience of the region’s power network to make it more active and responsive to the growing and changing demands of both domestic and commercial customers.à‚ 

UK's Northern Powergrid signs EV innovation pact with Nissan

The partnership comes as part of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility business plan in Europe, which aims to demonstrate how electric vehicles can work in tandem with energy providers and grid infrastructure to deliver cleaner, more efficient energy networks.

On area highlighted by Northern Powergrid is vehicle-to-grid technology, which allows electric vehicles to be fully integrated into the grid, “improving network capacity and helping to make renewable energy sources more affordable and more widely available”.

“It also provides an opportunity to create mobile energy hubs, by integrating large numbers of electric vehicles directly with the grid.”

Jim Cardwell, head of trading and innovation at Northern Powergrid, said: “This signals the start of a ground-breaking industry partnership to explore new innovations that could support the creation of smarter, greener energy networks and help shape future technologies to support the efficient roll-out of electric vehicles.”

Northern Powergrid serves the northeast of England, where Nissan has a well-established EV manufacturing base. Patrick Erwin (pictured), policy and markets director at Northern Powergrid, said:à‚ “We’re both major employers in the region. By bringing together our expertise we will help the region play a leading role in exploring innovation and technological advances that could potentially benefit future generations, communities, businesses and industries both in and outside of the UK.”