Ireland’s west coast could see a major construction programme of wind farms sponsored by the UK, which will involve more grid interconnections.
The UK’s deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and Ireland’s Taoiseach Enda Kenny will meet with the British Irish Council to discuss plans to expand electricity grid connections. They will focus on plans to build new interconnectors linking the Irish and British grids.
The plan, formed by the British government, aims to access remote regions that could provide the UK with power generated by wind farms, and tide and wave plants.
Charles Hendry, UK energy minister, said: “The west coast of Ireland has some of the fiercest winds in Europe, making it ideal for wind farms.
“However, the Irish market for electricity is less than a tenth of that of Britain. That means that companies cannot afford to build wind farms in Ireland because there is no market for their power. We want to put that right.”
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