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UK needs to kickstart smart meter education

More needs to be done by the UK government and energy firms to educate the public on smart grids and the benefits of smart meters.

Thatࢀ™s the verdict of a survey published by technology firm Logica, which found that 87 per cent of people in the UK have not received any information about smart meters or grids.

But the poll found that the British public would respond well to smart energy, with 35 per cent of those surveyed believing that being connected to a smart grid would help them to better manage their energy use.

Tara McGeehan, Logicaࢀ™s UK utilities director said: ࢀœIf we are to realise the potential provided by the smart energy grid then far more needs to be done to educate the British public to the opportunities available to them. It would be ironic if the smart energy grid failed to have the desired impact, due to a shortage of information.ࢀ

But Britainࢀ™s planned roll-out of smart meters was yesterday rubbished at an energy debate held at the Royal Society in London.

Ian Fells, professor of energy conversion at Newcastle University, said ࢀœno-one but real nerds are going to worry about a smart meter on their mantelpieceࢀ.

Mark Powell of global consultancy KPMG said the smart meter was ࢀœalready outdatedࢀ and doubted the à‚£12m cost of the initiative would be equalled in savings from homes, and Lord Oࢀ™Neill of Clackmannan, vice chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies, said ࢀœafter the novelty has worn off people will get boredࢀ.

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