Turkey and Greece to co-operate over Cypriot power

11 April, 2002 – A report yesterday from the Anatolia News Agency says that Turkey and Greece are to co-operate in a venture which will result in electricity being transmitted from Turkey into the northern occupied area of Cyprus and eventually on to Southern Cyprus.

The two countries are reported to have reached an agreement to carry out the feasibility studies, which aim at determining the investment cost of the underwater line to be laid from Anamur to Kyrenia. If the project is found feasible, the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) will undertake the project on behalf of Cypriot Electricity Administration (KIBTEK).

The report says that a recent Turkish mission to the island signed a preliminary agreement with KIBTEK regarding the design of the project by TEIAS. TEIAS will announce an international tender for the construction of the line. Italian, British, French, as well as Turkish firms are expected to show interest in the

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