Two transformers for what will become the longest power transmission line in the world have been delivered to Brazil by French engineering giant Alstom.

The Rio Madeira HVDC line will be 2375 km long and bring 6300 MW of electricity produced at two hydropower stations in the Amazon in the northwest of Brazil to cities in the south of the country.

Alstom won an order worth around $400m for 28 of its 600 KVDC converter transformers for the project, which is expected to enter commercial operation by the middle of this year.

The 600 kV DC converter transformers delivered this week (pictured) were built by Alstom’s Wuhan factory in China and are the first ever produced by a China-based manufacturer for an export customer.

A further six transformers that were built at Alstom’s site in Canoas in Brazil are currently being transported to Rio Madeira.