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Time for T as new UK pylons revealed

The next generation of electricity pylons to be erected across Britain was unveiled today.

The T-shaped pylon was designed by Danish company Bystrup and will replace the triangular lattice design introduced in the 1920s.

It was chosen after an international competition was launched to find a new pylon to meet the demands of the UK’s nuclear and renewables programmes.

The Bystrup T-Pylon, which is much smaller than the current pylons that it will replace, was praised by UK energy secretary Chris Huhne as “simple, classical and practical”. He added: “We are going to need a lot more pylons over the next few years to connect new energy to our homes and businesses, and it is important that we do this is in the most beautiful way possible.”

There are 88,000 pylons in the UK that carry up to 400,000 volts of electricity.

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