Webcast Recording: The role of Microgrids in our rapidly changing energy landscape

Rolls-Royce MTU Microgrid Validation Center

Megatrends such as decarbonisation, globalisation and electrification are driving a growing need for more flexible, cost-effective and greener energy solutions. In this webinar we will explore the role Microgrids and decentralised energy solutions can play in tackling these global challenges and how they can support businesses, utilities and governments to more effectively manage their energy needs. A number of case studies will be presented to show what benefits end users have been able to realise, and Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ newly-opened Microgrid Validation centre will be introduced.

Key topics discussed:

  • Understanding Microgrids and how they can be applied
  • Applications & case studies: what benefits can be realized in reality
  • Overview of the Microgrid Validation Centre & its purpose

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by MTU ” A ROLLS-ROYCE SOLUTION.

Rolls-Royce MTU Microgrid Validation Centre

Rolls-Royce has commissioned a Microgrid Validation Center for its MTU product and solution brand. Some 5 million euros have been invested in the center, which is located at the Friedrichshafen headquarters of the Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems. Close-to-reality simulations of microgrids of various dimensions and configurations are to take place there.

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