May 30, 2002 — Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (CGE&Y) announced recently that they are launching a suite of joint supply chain offerings through their Global Solutions Alliance – including eFulfillment, eSourcing and eCollaboration – with the ability to deliver additional solutions that address customer requirements across the entire supply chain management spectrum.

These offerings enable energy industry customers worldwide to integrate demand and supply management, automate the procurement process, help negotiate better supplier prices, and improve productivity and speed product time-to-market.

CGE&Y and Sun are building on a successful twelve-year relationship and have together helped hundreds of customers gauge and respond quickly to changes in the market, accelerate return on capital investment, and maintain a competitive advantage.

CGE&Y’s supply chain implementation experience, together with Sun’s infrastructure platform, provide a high level of network availability and reliability paired with a low total cost of ownership through single-source acquisition and support to customers in manufacturing, consumer products, retail and distribution.

“This important agreement combines CGE&Y’s preeminent global supply chain capability with Sun’s powerful platform,” said Greg Cudahy, CGE&Y’s newly appointed Global Leader for B2B-Supply Chain. “The adaptive supply chain solutions we offer can help companies to prosper in recently’s volatile business environment through the acceleration of profit improvement.”

“Sun and CGE&Y’s Global Solutions Alliance represents a commitment of resources from both organizations to help ensure a seamless customer experience and ultimate customer satisfaction,” said Darlene Yaplee, vice president of Global System Integrators at Sun Microsystems, Inc. “The strong relationships we’re building with systems integration partners like CGE&Y help our customers build flexible architectures that avoid vendor lock-in and help customers maintain their competitive edge.”

The solutions are designed to be integratable with new and legacy systems, allowing enterprises to connect to their suppliers, customers and trading partners around the world. Jointly developed offerings will be based on Sun’s SunToneSM Architecture Methodology, as well as CGE&Y’s Adaptive Architecture approach, methodology and established global B2B-Supply Chain offerings: Sourcing & eProcurement, Logistics & eFulfillment, and Collaborative B2B Solutions.

Both Sun and CGE&Y believe it is important for companies to architect their IT infrastructure to perform to recently’s standards and expectations, but also have the ability to readily adapt to technology innovation in the future. These CGE&Y/Sun solutions are based on the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) platform, Sun desktop, server and storage systems, and will leverage Sun technical consulting, training and support services. The joint offerings are grounded in Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s Adaptive ITSM approach. Building an infrastructure on open standards and technologies preserves the long-term value of supply chain investments and enables customers to incorporate adaptive solutions to meet changing business and technical environments.

Customers can access Sun and CGE&Y’s adaptive supply chain solutions through Sun iForceSM Centers and CGE&Y Accelerated Solutions EnvironmentsSM (ASEs) and Advanced Development Centers (ADCs), which are also Authorized iForce Ready Centers, in Menlo Park, Calif.; Irving, Texas; Surrey, UK; Paris and Tokyo. These centers provide a collaborative environment for customers to work with Sun and CGE&Y to build architectural blueprints and proof-of-concept demonstrations to tailor jointly offered solutions to meet their unique environments.

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