Siemens is leading a smart grid solution initiative in partnership with Itron and Telemont, aimed at tackling the problem of non-technical losses in the Brazilian power grid.

The consortium is supplying Brazilian power utility company Eletrobras with the solutions and has initiated the Energia + project in six states in northern and northeastern Brazil, where losses are higher than average.
Grid pylon
According to the Brazilian electricity regulatory agency ANEEL, these states suffer the highest non-technical losses in the South American country, at a rate of 10 to 22 per cent.

The scope of supply includes smart meters, a meter data management (MDM) system based on Siemens’ EnergyIP smart grid platform, maintenance services, the development of a communication and metering infrastructure (AMI), and the implementation of a smart metering system and metering management centre.

The goal is to increase revenue by reducing total losses in the grid and to improve service to consumers.

For the Energia + project, Siemens is supplying a portion of the total 120,000 smart meters, metering equipment, and its meter data management (MDM) system based on the EnergyIP smart grid application program for the medium- and low-voltage range. To help reduce non-technical losses, essential power consumption data is forwarded to EnergyIP and further processed by the system with the aid of special rules, algorithms, and alarm limit values. The MDM system makes this edited data available to other systems and the accounting departments of the affected power supply utilities, which can then use this data to obtain information for tracking irregularities in their customers’ power consumption.

Investments by the utilities in this technology pay for itself – with fast payback – due to revenue recovery by the distribution system operator and because of reduction of its operational costs.

Utilities can recover overdue bills from delivered but uncharged energy. Operational expenditure (Opex) reduction comes from the reduction of onfield readings, manual disconnection and reconnection, local inspection, consequent field teams, and also from optimized billing process and possible integration of corporate and operative processes.

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