NZ Genesis network upgraded

6 June 2002 – New Zealand computer company Axon has upgraded Genesis Power’s information technology infrastructure, reducing the risk of power outages in the North Island.

State-owned Genesis runs hydro stations at Tokaanu and Waikaremoana with a combined output of 400 MW and the 1000 MW Huntly thermal power station.

Axon has upgraded the wide area network (wan) linking the stations, including the plants’ control and instrumentation network, so there is no single point of failure.

This lessens the chance of power outages, says Michael Campbell, Genesis Power’s assets manager for generation. “A reliable and robust production control network is key to the management of our stations. The infrastructure upgrade represents a significant investment by Genesis Power in safeguarding its ability to meet data transmission requirements,” said Campbell.

The security of the network has also been improved. The core network consists of two wan links to other Genesis networks, two routers and two high-end switches. A business router connects to the wan via an existing frame relay connection, providing connectivity to other Genesis destinations for both business and control network staff.

The second control router has a stand-by circuit configured to cut in if the frame relay circuit fails. The routers are running Cisco HSRP (hot standby routing protocol), protecting both networks against a router failure.

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