New chief reveals new look Enel

8 July 2002 – Italy’s Enel group, the former monopoly electricity company, said Friday it was carrying out a restructuring which would create five separate business units allowing it to focus on the different businesses.

Enel said in a statement the five businesses would be: generation and energy management, infrastructure and network, marketing, telecommunications and services. “Strategic questions and principle operational decisions will remain at the Corporate level, leaving management of economic optimization and operational synergy optimization within the business areas, ” said Enel.

The reorganisation is one of the first changes to be launched by Enel’s new CEO, Paolo Scaroni, who took over from Franco Tato in May.

The reorganisation will give greater powers to the heads of the business sectors, whereas under Tato all company chiefs reported directly to him.

Enel, which is trying to adapt to a liberalising market, will next week also have to face a new energy liberalisation decree due to be presented by Industry Ministry Antonio Marzano.

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