Intergraph to supply utility software in Germany & China

4 October 2002 – Intergraph Germany, a business unit of US-based Intergraph Corporation has announced that it has won orders from utilities in Germany and China for its G/Technology software.

PLEdoc GmbH purchased Intergraph’s G/Technology as the software enabler behind its new innovative business model that extends comprehensive GIS capabilities via the Internet to small gas distribution companies.

PLEdoc, a company within the Ruhrgas AG group and a leading IT services company in Germany, specializes in geoinformation management and business services, including
Implementation of corporate information technology, workflow development, and e-business solutions.

The company’s new Internet-based service model relies on Intergraph’s G/Gas and G/NetViewer, the Web-enabling component of its G/Technology product suite, to interact with live geofacilities data on the Web. In essence,
PLEdoc’s clients will have access to a database warehouse that geospatially depicts their distribution asset models and manages all related information.

This service particularly benefits small utility clients because it provides them with state-of-the-art tools for viewing their enterprise data warehouses via the Internet without requiring them to incur the corresponding cost of new technology infrastructure.

Intergraph also announced that its China division had won a contract from AnShun Electric Bureau which has purchased the G/Electric geospatial information management system for electric utilities.

AnShun Electric, located about 970 miles southwest of Beijing, serves 50 000 customers in the city of AnShun in GuiZhou province of mainland China. This initial implementation by AnShun is the pilot system for an integrated Geospatial Resource Management system that will eventually be deployed by AnShun City Electric Company of GuiZhou Province.

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