GE Power’s Grid Solutions business has delivered a distribution management system in India which will boost the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the network in Delhi.

GE claims the advanced distribution management solution (ADMS) is the first of its kind in India because it has an integrated geographical information system, distribution management system and outage management system.GE India delivers Delhi grid solution

It was delivered in collaboration with Tata Power Delhi Distribution. Chief executive Sanjay Banga said: “Technology is critical for innovation and creating new paradigms each passing day. We aim to create a utility of the future delivering smarter and sustainable power distribution through integration of complex technological domains. The new ADMS in collaboration with GE will enable us to further improve on our service and help us in achieving our objective of providing world class quality power supply to our consumers.”

The project was executed by GE T&D India – GE Power Grid Solutions’ arm in India. The newly-launched ADMS is set to benefit more than seven million people living in the north and west of the Indian capital, an area that experiences a peak load of more than 1850 MW.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution had multiple independent and inter-connected systems that required complex data management. This complexity was affected the operator’s effectiveness to execute network upgrades and restore of network outages. 

Tata Power needed an integrated system that could capture the network data seamlessly and act as a single source of information for their homegrown applications.  

GE said its ADMS solution, which integrates SCADA, outage management system and distribution management system on a single platform, is designed to overcome such challenges. “It has a unified database for such distribution utility needs and can create and update its database based on the information received from the GIS automatically.”

Sunil Wadhwa of GE T&D India said: “In terms of contingencies, this innovative system will aid the maintenance staff for back-feeding any affected area through other sources of power supply, as well as provide early restoration of power supply while also predicting and providing time of restoration to the consumers. The system will also help maintenance staff to monitor power situation via mobile devices in real- time.” 

Deepak Pandey of GE Power in India added: “The system also allows seamless integration with mobile crew management system; therefore, it can immediately direct the nearest available crew to restore the outage. Equipped with such robust features, our ADMS technology will certainly enhance the quality of power for the residents of North and North-West Delhi.”

GE said its ADMS will also help Tata Power-DDL towards the implementation of the smart grid, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, battery storage solutions and integration of rooftop solar, by monitoring the load patterns and availability of power supply.