A string of power outages in the Philippine island of Catanduanes have been blamed on defects along the main distribution line of the First Catanduances Electric Cooperative (Ficelco).

A series of blackouts and brownouts affecting the whole island on 18–19 July were found to be caused by a cracked insulator on the main line from Hitoma I hydropower plant, leading to unbalanced voltages.

Another string of four blackouts and brownouts on 21 July were caused by a burnt transformer on the main distribution line from Hitoma I.

In addition, Ficelco has had to implement load shedding due to low water levels at three hydro plants that reduced their combined power output to just 600 kW.

The shutdown for preventive maintenance of the 3.6 MW bunker fuel genset exacerbated the situation, forcing the National Power Corporation to use its idled diesel power plants at Viga and Marinawa and Power Barge 110 to provide back-up power.

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