Elering to prepare Estonian grid for more renewables with €30m aid

Image credit: Elering

In Estonia, national transmission system operator Elering has secured funding from the European Commission to speed up the integration of renewable energy onto the grid.

The €30 million ($34.7 million) in funding approved by the European Commission will enable Elering to modernise existing and build new energy transmission infrastructure.

Elering plans to strengthen its 110KV power line in Western Estonia to ensure the transmission network is able to transport an increasing amount of renewable energy capacity.

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Kalle Kilk, Member of the Management Board and Head of Asset Management of Elering, said: “110 kilovolt power lines approaching the 330 kilovolt network from the islands and Lääne County are currently a major impediment when it comes to improving dispersed renewable energy and are in need of significant reinforcement.”

Kilk added that the project will also help Estonia to secure its energy supply and achieve its climate goals by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.

The most significant benefit for the security of supply is the construction of lines feeding the islands on separate masts. Presently, there is a potential hazard of the interruption of the entire supply of electricity to the islands should the double-circuit line be switched off. The investments to be made will improve the resistance of the 110KV network to weather conditions with regard to impact arising from icy conditions and high temperatures.

The funding will be issued through the Commission’s Recovery and Resilience Facility which aims to accelerate the digital and green transition for member states.

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Projects to be deployed are also expected to help the integration of the Estonian grid with that of western European countries, a move that will help reduce the reliance of Estonia on the Russian grid. Elering says it has developed a new methodology that will reduce the Russian energy supply into Latvia. The method includes reducing the amount of electricity the country purchases from Russia.

The news follows Fatih Birol, the executive director of the International Energy Agency announcing that by leveraging renewables including solar and wind, Europe has the potential to address the soaring energy prices being witnessed across the bloc’s energy market.

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