HidroAysen, a Chilean hydropower company, could be forced to construct its own power connection if the project for a public power transmission corridor is delayed, confirms Daniel Fernandez, its executive vice president, in La Segunda.

The Chilean authorities proposed the public corridor last September and it is currently being analysed by the Senate’s energy committee.

According to Fernandez, the company is considering three options depending on the governmental project.

The first option is that the company proceeds with its hydro project by submitting an environmental impact declaration, without taking into account the public corridor, SeeNews Renewables reports.

HydroAysen is also considering building a power transmission line connecting it to the public corridor, if the corridor is approved and extended to Puerto Montt city.

The third scenario is that the public corridor is further extended to Aisen region to include EnergiaAustral, HidroAysen and other hydropower projects.

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