American Electric Power selects Novient eServices for IT department

ATLANTA, Ga., Jan. 3, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE)à‚– Novient, Inc., a software provider of Internet-based Service Process Optimization (SPO) solutions, today announced that American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP), one of the world’s largest energy providers, has licensed Novient’s eServicesà¢â€ž¢ application for use within its internal IT department.

With 22,000 employees and $12.5 billion in revenue, AEP serves 4.8 million customers in the United States, more than 4 million customers internationally, and operates one of the nation’s largest power trading businesses. Responding to the complex information technology requirements of a global organization, AEP selected Novient’s innovative and scalable SPO solution due to its ability to improve their project management efficiency and increase collaboration.

“In order to deliver quality IT services to our complex organization, we required a technology solution that accurately reflected the service delivery process throughout an IT project,” said Robert Kerr, IT Process Owner for AEP. “After an extensive review of service process optimization solutions, Novient offered the solution that best met our requirements.”

AEP licensed Novient’s SPO solution to manage its extensive project demand and provide the worldwide collaboration necessary across its 800 IT professionals to deliver internal IT projects within budget and on-time. Novient’s solution will improve AEP’s project management capabilities by enabling AEP’s internal IT department to gain visibility and reduce risk throughout project lifecycles, ensure strong communication and collaboration, and manage engagement teams throughout North America.

“AEP’s selection of Novient’s service process optimization solution emphasizes the increasing demand for our solution within internal IT organizations,” said R. Halsey Wise, chief executive officer for Novient. “Novient is honored to add a sophisticated, leading energy company to our growing list of internal IT customers.”

About American Electric Power

American Electric Power is a multinational energy company based in Columbus, Ohio. AEP owns and operates more than 38,000 megawatts of generating capacity, making it one of America’s largest generators of electricity. The company is also a leading wholesale energy marketer and trader, ranking second in the U.S. in electricity volume. AEP provides retail electricity to more than 9 million customers worldwide and has more than $35 billion in assets, primarily in the U.S. with holdings in select international markets. Wholly owned subsidiaries are involved in power engineering and construction services, energy management and telecommunications.

About Novient
Novient Inc.,, is a software provider of Internet-based service process optimization solutions for the service economy. Through workforce design, scheduling, and management, Novient’s customers maximize project revenue, minimize labor cost, improve employee retention, and increase customer satisfaction.

Novient’s service process optimization application, Novient eServicesà¢â€ž¢, enables an organization to gain visibility into future service projects, optimally match available people and skills to project requirements, and automate the service delivery process. Novient’s peer-to-peer Internet collaboration infrastructure, Novient iServerNetà¢â€ž¢, enables an organization to optimally design and assemble a virtual service community by connecting its internal people with business partners, independent contractors, and customers regardless of location. Together, Novient eServices and Novient iServerNet deliver the only proven solution that enables real-time, worldwide collaboration of people, projects, knowledge, and process throughout an organization’s entire virtual service community.

Novient’s solution is licensed to over 120,000 consultants in 48 countries. The company’s global customers include Accenture, Ariba, Compaq, Hyperion Solutions, Lawson Software, Mellon Financial, SAP, and Siemens.

Novient, Novient iServerNet and Novient eServices are trademarks of Novient, Inc. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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