ABB is to incorporate International Battery’s lithium-ion large format HyperClass batteries into a distributed energy storage system it is building for Swedish utility Falbygdens Energi.

ABB’s grid-connected distributed energy storage system (DES) will use the HyperClass batteries to provide storage capacity of 87 kWh. The scalable and modular system offers thermal management and a battery management system with active cell balancing.

The storage system will give Falbygdens Energi, a subsidiary of Göteborg Energi, the capability to balance peak load, improve grid stability and support the integration of renewable energy for the utility’s current and future smart grid applications.

The DES is due for installation in late 2011 and will be part of an existing substation in Falköping. The utility will be able to use the system to store energy produced by local wind turbines. It will also be able to benefit from back-up power, support for plug-in electric vehicle developments, improved distribution line efficiency, and the management and storage of intermittent power sources like wind and solar.

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