Dr Thomas Suckut has been appointed managing director of German actuator manufacturer SIPOS Aktorik.  

He joins SIPOS Aktorik from Bilfinger Power Systems where he was chief operating officer. Prior to that, he was chief executive of Deutsche Babcock Middle East based in Abu Dhabi.Dr Thomas Suckut joins SIPOS Aktorik

Suckut said that SIPOS – which is part of AUMA Group – will continue to develop “as a solution provider to support plant optimization”.

Talking about current market development opportunities, he said: “We are on the cusp of an exciting new era where it is recognised that, with electric actuators, a valve becomes part of the process chain”.

He said that SIPOS, with its variable speed technology and new SIPOS SEVEN series, is well placed to support this trend.

“The move towards renewable energy generation will also aid SIPOS’ continued growth as its devices offer increased flexibility to enable plants to be more responsive to power supply demand fluctuations.”