South Korea grid energises superconductor cable

Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco), LS Cable & System, and American Superconductor have announced that the world’s longest distribution-voltage superconductor cable system has been energised at the I’cheon substation located near Seoul.

The 22.9 kV AC cable system is capable of carrying 50 MW. This is the longest HTS cable in the world to be energised in the grid utilising second generation superconductor wire, and it is also currently the longest distribution voltage superconductor power cable in operation, according to the firms.

“Based on the technology and the know-how gained from this installation, Kepco will continue to develop transmission voltage superconductor power cables, and is securing the world’s top superconductor technology and market position,” said Yup Heo, executive vice-president of Kepco’s construction division.

The I’cheon substation installation demonstrates that AC superconductor power cable systems can be used to replace overhead lines or can be placed strategically in urban power grids to deliver more power than conventional cables in the same right-of-way to mitigate grid congestion, he added.

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