Sentec, the smart grid and smart metering specialist, is collaborating with SELEX Galileo, which designs, develops and manufactures sensor and data exploitation systems, to launch the GridKey monitoring system.

GridKey is a low voltage substation monitoring system developed for Distribution Network Operators who wish to monitor and assess the performance of their distribution assets.

GridKey can be retro-fitted to the feeders of a substation without interrupting supply. It helps to reduce network maintenance costs, improve security of supply and identify losses. It can also significantly increase an operator’s knowledge of the state of the LV grid by providing continuous remote monitoring of the substations.

Oliver Burstall, COO for Sentec, said: “As utilities embrace the concept of a smart grid, demand is rising for cost-effective, accurate and robust sensing solutions that can be easily integrated with existing communications and IT systems. GridKey will allow DNOs to collect data, including power quality information and warning, without disruption to electricity supply or regular maintenance requirements.”

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