Schneider Electric launches ‘smart city’ solutions

Energy management specialist Schneider Electric and the recently acquired Telvent, a real-time IT solutions and information provider have announced their joint SmartCity offering.

Philippe Delorme, executive vice president of Schneider Electric, said that SmartCity solutions are designed to manage a host of infrastructure, including Smart Grid solutions, to help cities manage the growing demand for electricity and integrate renewable energy sources, as well as the integration of electric vehicles;

SmartCity also offers tools to better manage water networks; improve information sharing between public service agencies and provide energy and environmental monitoring to improve building efficiency and reduce emissions and energy consumption.

Delorme said: “Bringing together the expertise of Schneider Electric and Telvent gives us the unique capability to deliver custom solutions that meet the specific needs of each city.

“Our innovative SmartCity offering, integrated for performance and delivered in a collaborative model, is a game changer for existing and new cities facing challenging infrastructure needs.”

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