Demand response company EnerNOC, which provides utilities ways to reduce aggregated power loads, has an aggressive acquisition strategy in the smart grid sector. It has announced that it has acquired Energy Response, a demand response provider in Australia and New Zealand.

The deal enables EnerNOC, which has an aggressive acquisition strategy in the smart grid sector, to add 240 MW of demand response capacity. EnerNOC paid $27.9m for Energy Response.

Australian utilities have been building smart grid networks to help integrate clean power and reduce carbon emissions. The Australian government will put $100m into the development of a smart grid demonstration project.

EnerNOC has actively been trying to move beyond its core business of providing demand response services to utilities, although this latest acquisition falls squarely into expanding its demand response business.

Previously, EnerNOC has acquired startups in building energy efficiency, carbon accounting services, demand response for agriculture systems, energy procurement, and risk management.

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