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$10.6bn worth of Smart Grid mergers and acquisitions in 2011

The value of pure Smart Grid merger and acquisition deals grew from $134m in 2007 to $10.6bn in 2011.

Both the growth and now scale indicate that the supply side is gearing up to meet the requirements for new technology and the forecast demand for pure Smart Grid products and systems.

In the last two years both the volume and value of Smart Grid M&A grew rapidly, reaching 68 deals in 2010 having an average value of $155m, whilst in 2011 some 49 deals had an average value of $225m.

Whilst the factors driving the massive growth in this fledgling business require restructuring and consolidation, confidence in the future has taken a hit. The current negative economic outlook is likely to counteract some otherwise strong drivers for deal making in the Smart Grid business.

The Mamoori Research forecast that the value of deals will fall over the next 3 years and will not return to 2011 levels until 2015. Value of Smart Grid M&A deals should reach $12bn by 2016.

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