A Smart Grid project involving some of the world’s biggest technology companies is underway on the Isle of Wight in the UK.

A consortium called EcoIsland is setting up a Smart Grid on the island, which is England’s largest and lies off the south coast near Portsmouth.

Wind, solar, tidal and geothermal power are being utilised in the project, alongside battery and hydrogen energy storage.

The consortium comprises six companies: IBM, Toshiba, SSE and Cable & Wireless are working on the grid upgrades, ITM Power will provide hydrogen energy storage and clean fuel technologies, while Southern Water is responsible for the island’s water supply.

ITM joined the project this week and its chief executive Graham Cooley said: “Joined up thinking in the energy sector is rare and EcoIsland is a world class project on our doorstep with exactly that.”

EcoIsland chief executive David Green said the aim of the project was to prove that “renewable energy can be utilised effectively despite being intermittent”.