Siemens wins battery storage deal

Siemens has received an order from German energy provider SWW Wunsiedel to supply and install a battery storage system.

The Siestorage system is based on lithium-ion batteries and has a capacity of more than 6 MW. It will be connected to the distribution grid, which will enable SWW Wunsiedel to participate in Germany’s primary control reserve market.

“Energy stores are an important building block of the energy transition,” said Dr Frank Bàƒ¼chner, who heads Siemens Energy Management Division in Germany. “Together with SWW Wunsiedel, we are helping to further stabilize the grids in Germany.”

SWW Wunsiedel and Siemens have agreed on a ten-year financing model with commissioning scheduled for 2018.

The storage system consists of three containers with lithium-ion cells, one container with the inverters, a concrete station with the transformers and the control system. The power supplied by the storage system will provide the higher-level transmission grid with short-term support.

“Installing the battery storage system is an important part of the energy road map of SWW Wunsiedel,” said SWW Wunsiedel’s managing director Marco Krasser.

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