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Siemens joins EU Smart Grid experiment

Technology giant Siemens has joined a consortium to develop a European smart grid that would run on at least 50 per cent renewable energy.

EcoGrid will be piloted on the Danish island of Bornholm and will give 2,000 residents the chance to choose when to buy their electricity and at what price via smart meters and a web-based application that runs on personal computers and smartphones.

Siemens has today announced that it will provide an intelligent control system for energy loads in domestic and commercial applications.

Siemens’ participation in the scheme comes two weeks after IBM announced it would be taking part. The €21 million ($29 million) project, which is half-funded by the European Union, is being piloted on the island as it is believed that energy-conscious Danes will respond well to it.

Lykke Friis, Denmark’s former energy minister, said: “EcoGrid is an incredibly promising pilot project, in which Bornholm will become a test island in the future intelligent electricity system. The results will not only be usable in Denmark and Europe, but all over the world. We need an intelligent electricity system which can integrate more wind power and other renewable energy sources.”à‚ 

Other partners in the consortium are from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Spain.